Globalisation and it's Effects on Developing Countries

Term 4: Yr 5/6: M3 Rangiora Borough School and Yr 7: Room 5 Peachgrove Intermediate

Students will in collaboration with each other create a documentary highlighting the effects of globalisation on their generation and developing countries. They will be required to create, plan, film, edit and upload video to Youtube.

Key Competencies:

Students will develop understanding, make decisions and shape actions. They will reflect on their learning and ask questions by developing an intellectually curiosity.
  • ask a question to define theme or message in documentary
  • reflect on learning using edmodo, wiki and class blogs.

Using Language, Symbols and Texts
Students will confidently use ICT to access and provide information and respond to communication.
  • collaborate using edmodo, wiki, skype chat/video and email in order to produce a documentary

Managing Self
Make plans, manage projects and strategies for meeting challenge.
  • devise a strategy for managing project across islands
  • use an appropriate method for planning documentary (from start to finish)
  • develop conflict resolution strategies for managing difficulties

Relating to Others
Interact effectively with a diverse range of people by listening actively, considering different point of views, negotiate and share ideas. Work effectively together to come up with new approaches, ideas and ways of thinking.
  • reflect on effective groupwork using wiki, edmodo, and blogs
  • create a documentary collaboratively that demonstrates a clear understanding of the effect of globalisation

Participating and Contributing
Students should be actively involved in communities (local and global), contributing, making connections, creating opportunities, balancing rights, roles and responsibilities.
  • contribute to quality and sustainability of our collaborative community
  • actively participate in group during construction of documentary

Social Sciences:

Level 3:
Understand how people view and use places differently
Understand how people make decisions about access to and use of resources
Level 4:
Understand that events have causes and effects
Understand how how formal and informal groups make decisions that impact on communities
Level 5:
Understand how economic decisions impact on people, communities, and nations
Understand how peoples management of resources impact on environmental and social sustainability