What is Globalisation???

Hilzy says...
My idea of globalisation, is the whole globe, adopting and using an idea or certain thing. We (the world) might suddenly all have more laws on the copy right act. That would be a thing of globalisation. Things that have impact or affect everyone on the planet in some way.
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NeinaofLeina says...
From the Wikipedia link Mr Woody showed us, and what I have concluded myself, Globalization is something that effects everyone over the globe. A food-chain that everyone has, a company everyone has, that pollutes the sea and air, a place the imports and/or exports things from around the world.
This is a very obvious way of saying it. The Wikipedia saying was, in my opinon, a bit rubbish, for me. Too detailed. Didn't geddit.

HamilTRON brief about globalisation:
Globalisation is the communication and intergration of economies, industries, people, governments, social worlds and world leaders. Globalisation effects everyone, anywhere, anytime. Also in my opinion, I think society has changed dramatically in the few decades.
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Has anybody heard of the Silk Road? (Clue: It was a very important step in globalization. And it involved traders, money and big companies!)

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Well here's the answer if you were pondering.
The Silk Road is the small stretch of land (now known as Turkey) that links European traders to Asian and Persian (Middle Eastern) traders.
Traders bought and traded each other for money, jewllery and many other items.
I think this is related to modern globalisation beacause the traders had to travel. They had discovered a new place in the world (communication). They had built a new relastionship with other traders. And they had supported their economy by selling (exporting) their goods overseas to inject money into their economy. I think the Silk Road was a giant step to moder globalisation. Without it, Europe and Asia will not be as big in the economy as they really are right now!

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A complex series of economic, social, technological, cultural, and political changes seen as increasing, integration, and interaction between people and companies in disparate locations.
www.scrippscollege.edu/about/strategic-plan/glossary.php \

Globalization – the growing integration of economies and societies around the world – has been one of the most hotly-debated topics in international economics over the past few years. Rapid growth and poverty reduction in China, India, and other countries that were poor 20 years ago, has been a positive aspect of globalization. But globalization has also generated significant international opposition over concerns that it has increased inequality and environmental degradation. This site provides access to some of the most recent presentations on globalization and some of the leading research on the subject.
I think that this is quite a good web site so you should go and check it out!!!

On the news I heard that over half of China's toy makers have been bankrupt due to the global economic crisis. It's major importers (Hasbro, Mattel) have had their lowest record profit for this year. Toy prices are expected to go up. Also work conditions and working hours are to blame the bankrupcy. GLobalisation can even effect toys!


Keep posting your ideas and links to references and resources please - well done for starting. Using your own words is best.
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